What Is a VIN Number – The Vehicle Identification Number Explained

What Is A VIN Number

A VIN Number is a Vehicle Identification Number. In 1981, The NHTSA standardized Vehicle Serial Numbers so that manufacturers could follow one standard, among other reasons, Click here to read more.

How To Locate A VIN Number

The VIN Number should be located on the dashboard of your car; where the windshield meets the dashboard (view it from outside). A second place the VIN might be found is on the inside of the Drivers’ side door.

how to find the vin number on your car

how to find the vin number on your car

VIN Details

The VIN Number can tell you the following details:

  1. The country that the vehicle was manufactured in.
  2. The manufacturer.
  3. Vehicle Type.
  4. Vehicle Features.
  5. Model Year.
  6. Production Plant.
  7. Serial Number of the vehicle (By sequence).

Overall, that’s quite a bit of information just by looking at a VIN Number.

VIN History

In the 1950s, American Automobile makers started stamping serial numbers on cars and parts. this serial number became known as the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN for short.

By the 1980s, the NHTSA (US Department of Transportation) decided that enough was enough: a regulatory committeem was put in place to work out a way for everyone to label their vehicles with the same standard, and so, a 17-digit VIN Number was established.

VIN History Reports

Each VIN is unique, and as such, a “record” is assigned to each VIN Number. Using companies like CarFax or VinCheckReport.com, you can look up that vehicle history information. For a small price, of course.

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